Children's Ministries

Pre-School Sunday School

Pre-school Sunday School is offered year round during the Sunday morning worship service to all children age 3 to kindergarten. In Sunday School the children learn some songs, do simple crafts, and are taught Bible Stories which unfold the basic truths of scripture; showing God’s incredible love for them.


Children and Worship

In order to help a child understand the many aspects and purpose of worship service, Children and Worship walks the children through many of the Bible stories which illustrate the significance of different ways we worship God. Dramatic story telling and visual aids engage the children as they learn the significance of the different church seasons such as Advent, Lent and Easter. Children and Worship is offered to children in grades one to three 1 to 3 on most Sunday mornings from September to May. It’s and always is a highlight for all the kids who participate.


Sunday School (Grades 4-6)

Sunday School for children in grades 4 to 6 is offered during the Sunday Morning service at different times during the year. An interactive approach is used to engage the children while they learn. With the older children more focus is put on fostering conversations and discussions about faith and related topics.
While all the children’s ministries are optional, some of the older children do choose to participate in the Worship Service rather than leaving to attend Sunday School.


Kid Time (Part of the MomTime program)

With the intention of making our MomTime ministry accessible and relaxing, Kid Time is held on Thursday mornings during Mom Time for all children ages 3 to kindergarten who are potty trained. Kid Time is held in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere allowing children who are not used to the structured setting of “class time” to adjust to this new environment. Kid Time focuses on many familiar Bible stories along with the good news of God’s love for his people while they play, sing and do simple crafts.