About Wolf Creek Community Church

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” – Peter F. Drucker

20 years ago some people had a dream of a church in our community that “Reached out and enfolded people for Jesus, together becoming devoted disciples of Him” walking alongside the broken and giving them a place of belonging, where everyone was welcome. It is because of this dream and God’s blessings that we are able to celebrate this milestone with you. We have all been a part of Wolf Creek Community Church’s history and have in some way, played a role of continuing that vision from so long ago.

We are thankful to those families for the commitment, dedication, and hard work it took to make the vision become the reality. As we continue to walk out the mission of Wolf Creek Community Church now and in the future, we are thankful to everyone that plays a role in ensuring our church will always be a place that reaches out and enfolds people for Jesus.



We are a small, energetic church serving both the city and the broader Wolf Creek region. In our short life, Wolf Creek Community Church has been active in many different aspects of the Lacombe Community. Together we have partnered and/or served with the Lacombe Food Bank, FCSS, Volunteer-Link, Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Center and others to make the Lacombe Community a better place to live.

Together, we are trying to restore God’s kingdom of love, compassion, joy, and peace. Jesus is the reason that WCCC exists, He is the reason we go out into our community, He is the reason we enfold people for Him and together become devoted followers of Him.