Our History

            The vision for Wolf Creek Community Church (WCCC) was birthed in 1999, when several members of the Bethel CRC of Lacombe attended a conference on church-growth in Chicago.  The dream became a reality in August 2003, when approximately 40 people attended the inaugural service in the “Big Red Barn” south of Lacombe.  By October of that year, Classis AB North (our local governing body of Christian Reformed churches) approved the “birth” of this church, and on February 1, 2004 our first official worship service was held.  From the beginning our purpose was and remains: “to reach out and enfold people for Jesus, together becoming devoted disciples of Him.”  WCCC is a team-based ministry that focuses on outreach in the community and in the world. The first facility was rented commercial space in downtown Lacombe beside the laundromat.  In these humble beginnings the Alpha Course was taken by a number of people.  Worship services were held every second Sunday.  Membership classes were offered.  On Easter Sunday 2004 our first baptisms and public professions of faith occurred, and new members signed the “Membership Covenant.” 

            That same year the church began its search for a full-time pastor, which resulted in the calling of Rev. Andy Geleynse. Happily, the church grew quickly under Pastor Andy’s leadership.  So in 2007 the church purchased the Lacombe RV building on the east side of town.  The church took possession of the building in July 2007 and began extensive renovations. The first worship service was held on December 16, 2007.  We praise God for such a wonderful provision: a worship, education and fellowship centre on the corner of Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek Drive.  How providential! After Pastor Andy left, Henk-John Kuipers was hired as a full-time Director of Ministries and Pastor Harry Valstar became interim pastor.  The following year was a time of reflection, but also one of looking forward.  New ministries occurred: The Alpha Marriage Course, Mom-Time, Sunday potluck meals and “Hands and Feet” Sundays. 

            A new chapter of ministry began with the arrival of Pastor Leon Johnston in December 2010.  In this new season of ministry many of the longstanding ministries continue, like Mom-Time and “Hands and Feet” Sunday.  One of the blessed realities of this season has been the influx of many Millennials, which has resulted in many births and baptisms, and the development of many young leaders.  Through worship and small group ministry, the church continues to be spiritually formed for mission in this community and world.  And we continue to reach out to the community and world through such ministries as Mom-Time, Alpha, “Hands and Feet” and more recently, Neighbourhood Life under the leadership of Pastor Rick Abma.

            In Fall 2018, Pastor Leon accepted a call to shepherd another church and WCCC began the process to fill the vacant pastor position. The Wolf Creek family met in February 2019 for a weekend-long retreat led by Jack Tacoma to “Refocus, Renew and Rejoice”. Since then we have been actively searching for our new pastor, and we look forward to the plans that God has in store for us.