What is Membership?

The Bible calls believers to be a participating and contributing member of the Church, the combined body of believers. The Bible describes the church as Christ’s body, of which he is the head and we are called to be active members. The greatest expression of Christ’s body here on earth is the local church.  No matter where we may have first heard of God it’s in the local church that we are able to learn more and grow in our relationship with God, and other like-minded believers . Becoming a Member is choosing to step out of the spectator role and becoming an active participant by affirming a commitment to Christ, and to a local church.

What am I committing to if I become a member?
Most importantly you are committing to improving your relationship with God sometimes call “growing” as a believer in God & Jesus Christ.  Your desire is to either begin or to continue your faith journey together with other believers this community, here at Wolf Creek Community Church. In addition, you are saying that you agree with and will support with your gifts, our vision to reach out and enfold people for Jesus together becoming devoted disciples of him.

How do I become a member of Wolf Creek Community Church?
The requirements for church membership are as follows:

  • Regular attendance at and involvement in the ministries of Wolf Creek Community Church.
  • A desire to live out the vision of reaching out and enfolding people for Jesus.
  • Completion of our Membership Classes
  • Signing of our Membership Covenant

Still have questions?
If you have any more questions about membership contact Pastor Rick or download our Membership Booklet.

Baptism, whether as an infant or child brought by their parents, or a teen, or for adults can be requested and discussed with the Elders; or if your tradition is one where a “Profession of Faith” or “Confirmation” is practiced this can be discussed as well.