Wolf Creek Community Church’s mission and desire is to help the City of Lacombe be a great place to live and enjoy family life. To that end Wolf Creek Community Church (WCCC) encourages all its members to be active citizens within their neighborhoods and community. WCCC has actively supported community initiatives such as:  “Tools for Schools” and Food Bank Drives. Twice a year WCCC dramatically shortens their Sunday service and goes out to do service within our own communities. Hands and Feet Sunday (as we call it), is deeply appreciated by both whom we serve and those who participate. WCCC has also been active in partnering with many community groups that serve within the community of Lacombe, especially those organizations which lend help to those who need a helping hand. Below are some links to some of the local organizations we partner with.

Realizing the prosperity that we enjoy living in the province of Alberta and the country of Canada, WCCC has also chosen to connect with organizations that help those who are disadvantaged in other countries. We've partnered with World Wide Christian Schools on a short term mission trip to the Dominican Republic where we, together with the local community, worked on an addition to a school in one of the very poor neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Santa Domingo. WCCC also has supported efforts to rebuild Haiti, Pakistan and others through the support of World Renew, Resonate, Canadian Food Grains Bank and others.