Neighbourhood Life


It is extremely encouraging to see and hear various neighbourhoods gather to eat together. Neighbourhood Life is closing in on 100 block parties since its beginnings in central Alberta 3 years ago. We have seen impromptu dancing, impersonations, musical presentations, surprises, prayer, protest, public presentation, and the list goes on. But the most significant feature that threads through these all (and there were many more that we did not attend) is the gracious and pleasant comments of how good it was to gather and eat together. Some understand the power of breaking bread together, but others have recently discovered this with neighbours. The beauty in all this is that many neighbourhoods have now created a social platform on which they can build. Some understand this as the beginnings of what Jesus highlighted – “love your neighbour.”

Please contact Rick Abma, our Neighbourhood Life pastor for more information

*On January 12, 2014 Pastor Rick Abma was commissioned as Neighbourhood Life Pastor of Wolf Creek Community Church.