Refocus, Renew, Rejoice

A Week of Prayer for Wolf Creek Community Church

Day 1:  Sun. Jan. 27

Scripture: Psalm 100

Read through the passage twice—slowly.  As your prayer, practice the discipline of thanksgiving.  Write 15 things in your personal life that you are thankful for.  Write 15 things in our church that you are thankful for. Be specific.

  • 15 Things in My Life:
  • 15 Things in Our Church:


Day 2:  Mon. Jan 28

Scripture: Revelation 3:14-18

Read through the passage.  How is your faith neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm?  In what ways have you relied on your own resources? Read through the passage again—keeping in mind  Wolf Creek Community Church. How are we lukewarm as a congregation? How do we rely too much on our own resources so that we don’t rely on God? Pray that God may turn up the spiritual temperature of your life and that of Wolf Creek Community Church!


Day 3:  Tues. Jan. 29

Scripture:  Matthew 4:1-11

Read the passage.  Read through it again slowly a second time.  Which phrase, verse or image especially grabs your attention?  Read through it again a third time. What might God be saying to you today through this passage? And what might God be saying to our church through this passage in light of current circumstances? Pray in light of your conclusions and insights.  And if nothing specifically comes to mind, pray that the church may not be lead into temptation, but delivered from evil.

  • Phrase, verse, image:
  • Additional thoughts:


Day 4:  Wed. Jan. 30

Scripture: Acts 15:36-41

Read through the passage.  Read through it slowly a second time.  What is your reaction to the passage? What disagreements have you recently been in that you need to bring before God?  Read through the passage a third time. Pray for the church—for healing from past disagreements and for the Spirit’s power to work through future disagreements.

Day 5: Thurs. Jan. 31

Scripture: Romans 12:1-8

Read through the passage.  What gift(s) do you bring to the church?  That is, how do you contribute to the life of the body?  Read through the passage again. Think of three people who use their gifts well and willingly in the church.  As your prayer, send them a note of encouragement or thanks. Pray that God will continue to use them to build up his body at Wolf Creek Community Church.

Day 6: Fri. Feb. 1

Scripture: Numbers 6:22-27

Read through this passage.  Picture a sunny day where you enjoyed basking in the sunlight.  Now, experience this as the love of God in your life. Basking in God’s love—focus on the meeting planned for tonight:

  • Do you see or feel how the Bible passages we’ve studied this week may help us discern where God is at work in our congregation? How might God use this process to direct us toward maximum “spiritual effectiveness” in ministry?

  • What good results may come from this process?  What concerns do you have for the process?

After you jot down some thoughts for tonight’s meeting, turn to the passage again.  Now, pray the blessing on behalf of our congregation.